It took me a long time to write a blog, four months. This has aslo been the time since I came to England. I live in a small town called Witham, in Essex.
I’ve always liked to travel, meet new people, also to live abroad was never a bad idea for me.
I have a friend who,  after high school, first went to USA and later to Great Britain, where she was aupair for three years. To me at that time this didn’t seem  such a good idea, I was just starting The Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering of the University in Ljubljana. After a girl  I know also decided to do that, I thought:”Wow, this could be something for me too.”

Unpleasant events this summer brought me to the point when in a few days I decided that I want to be an au pair. Somehow I just wanted to leave. To disappear for some time. I needed a change. In September last year I actually did it. And now I can tell, this has been the best experience for me so far. Being alone is sometimes the best therapy, the best thing, you can go through. Because you can find out who you are, you learn how to take care of yourself, you build confidence, maybe you even start to look at some things differently.

On aupair world website I created a profile. I thoroughly wrote my description. Soon I got some offers and I also sent some. In only a couple of days I had my first skype interview with a family from Scotland. They weren’t satisfied with  time I could spend in a foreign country, at the end of February I am going home. I have to admit, that I didn’t find the mum very likeable and we didn’t really connect. But it is hard to tell how people are really like from a short conversation.
The mum, who I’m living with now doesn’t even speak with me, sometimes I don’t even get a good morning hello.

At the end I was choosing between two families. The first one with two girls, six and nine years old and the second one with two boys about the same age. First mum very communicative, the second not so much. I also spoke with the father from the first family. What the ice braker was, the benefits that the first family was offering to me and how official and organized our conversations were. They sent me the decriptions of their family and we signed an offer letter. I knew exactly what my duties and responsabilities are, my working hours, how many times I have to babysit. They are going to help me open a bank account, assist with registering at a doctor’s surgery, and I even got my holidays! They’re going to pay for my English lessons, all of them, for praparation on my Cambridge certificate. The girls, mostly the youngest one, seemed more enhusiastic, than the boys. Furthermore, I thought that for my first experience with children, spending time with girls is a better option.
It wasn’t easy for me to turn down the other family, but the decision was clear. Later on they even wrote to me that they are willing to pay for my flight expenses and that there will be a taxi waiting for me at the airport.

Three months before I will see my family and friends again, I had passed one more exam, packed two big suitcases, then went to England, to me, a very dear country since forever. Who doesn’t want to visit English countryside when watching Midsomer murders.


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