Here I am!

Immediately, when I arrived at Stansted airport, I switched from Slovene to English. I had a lump in my throat, I hadn’t been speaking English for quite a long time.
Even thought I spoke with the taxi driver all the way to Witham. It was weird for me driving on the “wrong” side of the road. For a moment when there was a sharp turn and the car from another direction was approaching us I though we’re going to crash. It was weird. And the roads  are so narrow. Also the taxi driver was kind of creepy, staring at my breasts all the time. When he dropped me in front of my new family’s house he gave me his number…if I ever feel lonely, all alone in foreign country,  poor me by myself…I of course should call him, yeah right.

New family but on the other alone! They were waiting for me outside smiling. They were friendly, the girls were excited about my arrival. My room was amazing. There was a drawing with my name on the door. There was a  timetable of the girls, my schedule, driving rules and some other important stuff, like railcard application etc. waiting for me on the table. They showed me the house and left me alone to accommodate, they had other things to do that day. The parents play badminton. I quickly figured out that they are very organized and that their tempo is fast. From the beginning I thought this is too much, people there don’t have time to breathe. Not everybody there is like that, but lifestyle is busy and they don’t have much free time, that is for sure. What I learnt later on is that I would like to have an active everyday too.


After a month I singed up at local leisure centre, which I liked a lot and  which I miss now at home even more. The previous aupair that was leaving in a week was really nice. We connected and I loved spending time with her. She made my first week easier and my adjustment in a new home not that emotional and difficult. She introduced me to some of her friends, which I am really grateful for. I didn’t have a hard time from the beggining at all, I had people to hang out with. Especially one girl that I met through her is one of the best people I’ve met. We are real friends now, we still talk and I hope we’re going to stay in contact forever.

The girl I was replacing was a nice, friendly Italian. She was calm, with  an interesting sense for make-up, which I liked. She also showed me the neigborhood. We spent a nice weekend together. We are still in touch, hope it stays that way.



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