Besides driving on the left there are other things that are different in UK compared with Slovenia. Camera signs next to the road warn you that you might get caught while speeding. They put radar cameras in the area once in a while. Of course you don’t know when this is going to be, but here in Slovenia you have no idea where the speed is measured.


More about driving; parking spaces are narrower than here, in previous post I’ve mentioned roads…they are narrow and often verges are not done. I was really enjoying driving “my” Volkswagen golf in the English countryside, especially in autumn when the nature was all colourful and tree leaves ware everywhere. By the way, steering wheel and gear stick and everything under your feet is on the opposite side of the vehicle 😉 Oh boy how many times did I go to the wrong side of the car! But I got used to it, after four hours with my driving instructor, who the host family arranged for me, I was good at driving, off to the traffic. Funny thing was, when I got home for Christmas and I drove our family car, the first time when I wanted to change into a second gear I swung my hand to a door…oops, wrong side. And I got so used to beeping when I parked (sensors) that now, at home, I sometimes don’t have feeling of how much space is around me, plus our car is much longer and wider.

I’ll put down some other things that I’ve noticed:

  • You  usually order your drink at the bar. In Slovenia, the waiter comes to your table and takes your order.
  • At the theatre you don’t get alcohol and snacks. I went to see  Les Miserables musical, and people were eating crisps and drank while watching the show.
  • You are allowed to bring your own snacks to the cinema! Awesome.
  • I don’t think it is necessary to mention sockets.
  • They don’t use bidet.
  • Door handles and sinks are different (two pipes), as was the shower.
  • Lifestyle, less free time.
  • Better public transport.
  • Food, they are the nation of broccoli; cooked vegetables is part of every dinner.
  • Fashion; girls like to wear their hair big and use lots of make-up.
  • Leisure centre, we don’t have sports centres like this.
  • Architecture; brick houses.
  • They wear school uniforms.



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